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Unable to download Enrage

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My download for Enrage doesn't seem to be working. When I use the installer everything seems to be showing up but once the installer is finished the plugin isn't there. The only things in the Boom Interactive Folder are Enrage manual, installationLogFile, unins000.dat, and unins000.

I've tried different file destinations and I've tried VST2&3 but nothing is working. I tried when I was doing the free version of Strata and after I paid with the same results. I also uninstalled Enrage and started from scratch several times and went back to the original link to download it after I purchased Strata but still nothing.
asked Oct 14, 2022 in ENRAGE and ENRAGE Licensing by Ariel M. (180 points)

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The installation looks normal, the VST2 plug-in is installed where you specified and the VST3 plug-in in the default VST3 plug-ins directory.
If the Enrage plug-in does not appear in the plug-in list of REAPER, you may need to clear the VST plug-ins cache.

Here is how to do it on Windows with REAPER 6.68:
Go to the REAPER Options menu and select Preferences...
From the Preferences window, select VST, click the Re-scan... button and select Clear cache and re-scan VST paths for all plug-ins

answered Oct 17, 2022 by Pascal M. (Audiokinetic) (460 points)
selected Oct 17, 2022 by Ariel M.