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Wwise pre-release support - latest Wwise won't build against Epic's changes for upcoming UE 5.1

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To meet our business objectives, we follow the Unreal Engine codebase ahead of their official releases. We do this by integrating changes from their perforce depot:

The current latest Wwise release (2022.1.0.7985) doesn't build against Epic's changes that will be in their Unreal Engine 5.1 release.

When will a Wwise release supporting Unreal Engine 5.1 be available?

Are nightly pre-release Wwise releases or a git or perforce depot available?

Or more generally, how do others working on pre-release Unreal Engine 5 maintain Wwise in their codebase?

asked Oct 26, 2022 in General Discussion by Dee Jay R. (140 points)
We're in a similar boat. We're currently using a modified version of 2021.1.10, but it generates a number of warnings.

If we could get a rough timeline that would help us plan our schedule for moving to 5.1.

Having access to a pre-release repo would be incredibly valuable too.

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Relevant Audiokinetic post: UE5.1 Support - Wwise Roadmap


answered Jan 9 by Dee Jay R. (140 points)