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After subscription expires, will Enrage be in at least Read-only mode?

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so that I can still view the projects and see what the settings/fx are? Will the projects become effectively useless once subscription ends?
asked Oct 29, 2022 in ENRAGE and ENRAGE Licensing by dao d. (100 points)

1 Answer

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The ENRAGE license provided with Strata is valid for the term of your subscription, the full 3 years or longer if you decided to renew. Should you choose not to renew at the end of your subscription term, your ENRAGE license will expire. As per the  Strata subscription agreement, you must remove Strata content from your devices at the end of your subscription term. Should you wish to continue to use Enrage, you may always purchase a license directly from Boom. 

answered Nov 3, 2022 by Devon M. (Audiokinetic) (2,180 points)