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Getting weird errors in UNITY from camera object every time it moves (follow cam) and events are not playing.

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Unity/Wwise telling me I have to register the game object but I've used Wwise before and never had to go through this. Getting floods of errors in UNITY like this:

Wwise: Unknown game object ID. Make sure the game object is registered before using it and do not use it once it was unregistered.: 13 (GameObject: Main Camera (UnityEngine.GameObject)) (Instance ID: 33110)
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
AkCallbackManager:PostCallbacks () (at Assets/Wwise/API/Runtime/Handwritten/Common/AkCallbackManager.cs:315)
AkSoundEngineController:LateUpdate () (at Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkSoundEngineController.cs:63)
UnityEditor.EditorApplication:Internal_CallUpdateFunctions () (at /Users/bokken/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/EditorApplication.cs:356)

Very unsure as to whats happened. Im using Unity in combo GitLFS. Is there a chance I have gitignored some file that communicates between Unity and Wwise? Im going crazy here. Cant find any solution and im beginning to get unmotivated.

Something is not right!!!!! HELP MEEEEEEE!
asked Nov 1, 2022 in General Discussion by Ben H. (160 points)

1 Answer

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Setting in Unity called play mode that, when enabled will stop communication between Wwise and unity. 

It basically allows you to play really fast after entering play mode but it bypasses the Wwise communication I think.

answered Dec 6, 2022 by Ben H. (160 points)