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Android Build Failed to Load Any Soundbanks After changed language

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Unity version: 2020.3.35f1

Wwise version: 2021.1.10.7883

After I imported some voices and changed the reference language, the android build couldn't load any soundbank. But in Unity play mode, everything works just fine.

I've checked the following places:

Unity -> Project Settings -> Wwise Editor -> Assets Management -> Soundbanks Path is "Audio\GeneratedSoundBanks", and check the box after "Copy SoundBanks at pre-Build step". 

Unity -> Project Settings -> Wwise Initialization -> Common User Settings -> Base Path is "Audio\GeneratedSoundBanks", and Startup Language is the reference language.

Wwise -> Project Settings -> Soundbanks

Wwise -> Language Manager

I also checked there is Init.bnk and corresponding language folder containing target soundbank.bnk in the apk file. 

What am I missing that led to this problem?

asked Nov 15, 2022 in General Discussion by 王思谦 (280 points)

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