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Can't upgrade console support in Unity project (You do not have the requires permissions to perform the operation)

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To my knowledge I have the permissions to perform an upgrade of our Unity project to include XBSX support (I have the correct key, my account has the project linked, I have the key input in WWise studio) but when I try to upgrade my Unity project through the WWise launcher I get this error

and gives me nothing useful in the log. When I use the other option in wwise launcher that moves files directly into the unity project instead of verifying and copying, it still fails but this time it says

2022-10-31T13:01:00.697Z: Process matching \Unity.exe: not found.
2022-10-31T13:01:00.697Z: Game integration: Pushing progress: Validating project... 52%.
2022-10-31T13:01:01.316Z: Unable to get current integration version: version file not found
2022-10-31T13:01:01.360Z: Unable to get current integration version: version file not found
2022-10-31T13:01:01.478Z: Tracking: launcher/unity/recentProjects count:34
2022-10-31T13:01:20.783Z: Game integration: Pushing progress: Locking project... 57%.
2022-10-31T13:01:20.785Z: Game integration: Pushing progress: Copying Wwise integration... 65%.
2022-10-31T13:01:20.876Z: Game integration: Pushing progress: Copying Wwise integration source files... 70%.
2022-10-31T13:01:20.888Z: Game integration: Pushing progress: Writing configuration... 80%.
2022-10-31T13:01:20.903Z: Game integration: Pushing progress: You do not have the required permissions to perform the operation. 100%.

Any ideas how I can rectify this? Unable to make a stable build on XBSX as a result of it

asked Nov 15, 2022 in General Discussion by Alex R. (110 points)

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