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Change attenuation sharesets, priority, and bus + aux overrides with states

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Our game is a mix of sandbox and enclosed experiences. As such, we use state mixing to make shared sounds usable across a variety of content since characters cross over between the multiple types of areas. Being able to change volumes and high/low-pass filters based on states has been an invaluable addition! However, the inability to change fall off, range, and priority are huge hindrances to offering a well-mixed experience across the different game modes. Furthermore, much of this content is dynamically mixed based on our bus structure, so being able to swap buses and override auxes based on states is paramount.
asked Nov 18, 2022 in Feature Requests by Tzvi (280 points)
Also requesting this. There are cases where certain falloffs fit most rooms, but then bigger spaces require longer falloffs to give players key information. Being able to adjust this dynamically would help fix this without having to use switches. Sometimes it’s on many assets or VO which would work with switches as well and a state based attenuation adjustment option would be very helpful.

The more we can dial in by state, which most of us already use heavily, the better empowered we can be to dial in these particular scenarios in versatile ways.

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