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ReaWwise Import Aborted

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I followed the ReaWwise Introduction Document to install it. However, I cannot transfer my source from Reaper to Wwise. It promoted "Import Aborted - One or more files failed to render". I dont know where the problem is :(

Wwise: 2022.1.0

Reaper: v6.29



asked Nov 25, 2022 in ReaWwise by 丁延骐 (100 points)

1 Answer

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Unfortunately, ReaWwise is not supported for REAPER 6.29. We strongly recommend using the latest version, REAPER 6.70.

There are several important API calls made to REAPER under the hood that are only available in more recent versions of REAPER.

answered Nov 25, 2022 by Andrew C. (160 points)
Thank you very much! I updated REAPER and it works  : )