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Music Audio File doesn't make sound

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Hi! I am having a problem with a particular set of sound files not making noise when played.

I have imported a music file to WWise - it makes no sound when played. It does, however, show up in the music segment editor with a waveform. It also plays on Windows fine.

These are my import settings, and I have left it on default general settings. Importing all but 3 other files work - all of which share a similar name format, but otherwise there's no clear link between why these wouldn't work.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Screenshots of Problems - settings etc here

I've tried:

  • Restarting WWise
  • Rebuilding banks
  • Moving the clips into a location where other audio clips play
  • Copying all the settings from working pieces, in case I've accidentally set up the bus wrong
  • Reimporting the clips

It has been super weird. I'm leaning towards there being something wrong with the audio files, but they display a waveform and play in other, non-Wwise programs, so I'm a bit lost.

EDIT: One extra difference! When I expand out the hierarchy, the music clip name is blue, rather than white.  This is because I hadn't rebuilt the soundbanks post the most recent import.

asked Nov 28, 2022 in General Discussion by Tobias W. (100 points)

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