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No sound in Unity unless Wwise is connected via WAAPI

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I'm currently integrating Wwise into a unity project and I can only hear sound when the Wwise project is connected. I can generate sound banks in Unity successfully but there is still no sound until I load the Wwise project and connect via WAAPI. This isn't a problem so much for me, but will become a problem when other people that don't have Wwise installed need to hear the game.

Currently the Generated sound banks folder in Unity is empty save for the ProjectInfo and Wwise_IDs header file, but if I understand correctrly this should be the case until a unity build is made. If so, how can other devs hear sound without having Wwise installed and running?

Many thanks.

Wwise version: 2022.1.0.8070

Unity Version: 2021.3.5f1
asked Dec 7, 2022 in General Discussion by Joe T. (100 points)

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