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Switch tracks - How to achieve multiple switch associations for a single sub-track

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Hey everybody!

I am a relatively new user to Wwise and whilst I am loving it, I'm simultaneously surprised by some of the constraints in the interactive music hierarchy. The crux of the system I'm building up incorporates many stems that require varying fade-in and fade-out times and are triggered at differing intensities in a vertical mixing fashion.

Say there are 3 intensity levels. I want a stem to come in at intensity level 2, stay in for intensity level 3 and then drop out when the intensity level drops below 2. So effectively when intensity >= 2: stem plays.

I realise that going with States would be the obvious thing to do here, but I really don't like how the you're bound to having the same attack and release times when playing a track because you can only change the transition time. So I like the flexibility of differing fade in and fade out times that a switch track enables, but again I understand that you can only assign a single association for each sub-track. Whilst I could assign a sub-track for every switch and copy the stem over to the subtracks where I want it active, this results in unnatural sounding crossfades due to the differing attack and release times...

I'd hugely appreciate any input here, are Music Switch Containers the way to go...?
asked Dec 8, 2022 in General Discussion by Andrew H. (100 points)

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