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Prevent audio from stopping when loading new scene

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When loading a new scene in Unity, all audio is abruptly stopped, and resumes when the new scene has loaded.

The object on Scene A is a AkAmbient Simple Mode with a Play event that plays a music track all over this "zone" (Scene).

On that AkAmbient object I also have a Stop event (with a 3 second fade out) that should trigger on Destroy (leaving that zone).

But when zoning, the music stops abruptly, Scene B is being loaded and when it's loaded, I can, for a brief moment, hear the fadeout from Scene A's music taking place.

My gut feeling is that this issue is caused by the SoundBank being unloaded and hence kills all audio while loading the new Scene. There is only one SoundBank in this project at the moment, so unloading the SoundBank seems unnecessary. But even if I would use multiple SoundBank (in the future), I would need a smart solution for that scenario as well.

I hope I can get some advice to get this issue cleared. Thanks!
asked Dec 12, 2022 in General Discussion by Robert E. (550 points)

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