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"Source file is of different format than expected"

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What does this error message mean?
"Source file is of different format than expected"

I have a music with vorbis (seek table) conversion settings, as the other musics in the project. The other musics work well, but when I trigger this one from the game, it's not playing and I have this error message.

asked Sep 25, 2013 in General Discussion by MartinBP (230 points)

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This message means the content of the source file in the game does not match the expected format.  For example, it could be expecting a vorbis file, and end-up having a PCM file in the game.  It could be caused by:

  • The soundbanks loaded by the game are outdated
  • The streamed files loaded by the game are outdated

In both cases, please ensure you rebuild all your content in Wwise, and ensure every asset is deployed correctly in your game.

answered Sep 25, 2013 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (34,470 points)
selected Jul 5, 2016 by MartinBP
The banks were up-to-date.

I've just found how to fix this:
- I've "saved as" the music files in Sound Forge
- replace the old files in Wwise
- the music is playing now and no more error messages

The WAV files exported from Logic by the composer were apparently corrupted somehow.