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Where did SoundBank Manager Menu items go in V2022.1.0 go?

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In V 2022.1.0 under Soundbank Manager Layout, it is missing the interface to create New, User Settings, Log and other menu items nessesary to complete the training or do the work in video 101.1 Lesson one 

Is this a new bug? According to the manual/help, these selections should still be there to use. 

Running on Mac Catalina. 

asked Dec 21, 2022 in General Discussion by Derrick D. (150 points)
recategorized Dec 26, 2022 by Mads Maretty S.
Have the exact same problem, have you solved it?
I'm having the same problem. Please can someone give some info! An on a Mac running Mojave

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I use Mac as well and encountered the same problem.  While I did not find out how to change the view and obtain the interface shown in Lesson 1, I found an alternate way to access some features you're asking about.

For reference, above is the interface shown in Lesson 1 for adding an event in a SoundBank.  Below is my interface on Version 2022.1.1, like yours.

As you can see, the New button is missing, along with the others.  The way I created an Event in the Soundbank was by opening the Soundbanks tab in the Project Explorer.  By right-clicking the Default Work Unit in the SoundBanks folder, you can create a Soundbank through the New Child option at the top of the menu.  You can see my result under the User-Defined Soundbanks view, where I named the soundbank "Main."

As for the User/Project Soundbank Settings, there is an orange cog in the top right of my screenshot, within the Soundbank Manager View.  You can access settings vital to the tutorial there.

I hope this helps!  I will add, despite following the instructions in Lesson 1, I am having trouble getting sound to play when I run the game.  I am pretty confident I followed the steps as intended, so I decided to go into Lesson 2 and pull up the project file that already has the needed configurations from Lesson 1. After running the game, there was still no sound!  Below is an image of the capture log from my attempt and I will leave it here, in hopes that someone got further than me and has an answer for troubleshooting this?  My selected media, the IceGem_Blast is apparently not available, yet plays back to me when I pull it up in the Actor-mixer Hierarchy, so I believe something may be wrong with the directory?

answered Jan 5, 2023 by BaggoNotes (1,040 points)
Thanks but I'm wanting to go through the formal process to get certified. I don't want to work in round about ways that may not be on the tests.

I have still not seen a solution to complete the training.
I Can't see the images you took, I have the same issue with the menus not being displayed
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Supplemental to BaggoNotes' answer, Wwise 2022.1 introduced the concept of a new mode to manage SoundBanks, which is Auto Defined SoundBanks: the SoundBanks list is now split in two sections: the User Defined SoundBanks and the Auto Defined SoundBanks. This is why the UI is different from the 2021.1 release that the 101 Certification is designed for. You are encouraged to do the certification against 2021.1 to avoid UI mismatch like this one.

On Auto Defined vs User Defined SoundBanks: The SoundBanks that are "User Defined" are those found in the Project Explorer's SoundBank tab: under the Default Work Unit for SoundBanks you can create new SoundBanks there instead of in the SoundBank Manager. For more information see the documentation:

answered Jan 9, 2023 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (23,300 points)
Auto Defined SoundBanks makes the soundbank generation process much easier! One of the files that is generated is called "main.bnk" and it contains all the exported media files.

It is possible to browse BNK files with this app: (wwiser requires Python 3 installed. The viewer also needs a modern-ish browser.)
Can't find Soundbank Manager
What a mess!
Why don't you update your tutorials before entirely changing part of the procedure!?
yes please, I cannot find anything "tree list", "new", Soundbank manager looks entirely different, if whole steps and menus are missing, following along blindly to buttons and menus that don't exist for the instruction.  Why would I trust you to pay for an exam that is not possible to complete with the material provided?