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How do I force the children of a random container to be inside a soundbank?

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So I am working on a project and I am trying to get the children of a random container to play in game. They play in Wwise, and the event they are attached to fires in game ( I know this through the profiler.) I have re-imported the audio files, and tried using different audio files. Using a different wwise project I was able to get the audio files to work, but now they do not play anymore either. The error that the profiler gives me is "Selected Child Not Available". I have checked the edit tab in the sound bank and the audio files are included in the sound bank. I have no idea what to do and would really appreciate some help.
asked Feb 25, 2015 in General Discussion by Phillip P. (100 points)
Are you able to see the Soundbank (loaded) in the Profiler? (either in the Profiler/ Soundbanks tab or explicitly loaded in the waterfall?)
Sorry, but I am very new to Wwise. How would i go about finding that information?

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