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Strata Direct download to external Hard Drive

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Is there a possiblity to directly download strata libraries to an external drive? My main os hard drives both on osx and windows are quite small and I'm running into problems.
On both systems, the zipped files first get downloaded into a temp cache.

Thanks in advance!
asked Jan 5, 2023 in Strata - Launcher and Distribution by Jonas F. (100 points)

1 Answer

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From the Audiokinetic Launcher, you can choose the Installation path for the Strata Collections. 

  1. Open the Audiokinetic Launcher and select Strata
  2. Click the Change button on the right
  3. The Library Installation path window opens, click on the ... icon and browse to your preferred location, or type in the Directory field.
  4. Save your choice, your collections will now install to the chosen destination.

The destination can be any drive that you have read/write permissions on.

If you have existing Strata collections already downloaded, you can move them to your preferred destination using the operating systems Move command



answered Jan 6, 2023 by Simon P. (660 points)
Hi Simon,
Thank you for your reply.

This I‘m aware of. The problem is, that the downloaded compressed files are temporarily stored in a downloads_cache folder before they‘re getting unpacked to the location specified in the wwise launcher. This is exactly the same on mac and windows.

But that’s probably how it is and I should just get a bigger main os disk.
Bit fir me it would make more sense, to have those files also externally saved.

Or maybe I‘m still missing something.
Perhaps do a disk utility up of your OS drive, that removes old cache files from  OS updates etc. to reclaim some of the OS  disk space.
There is a method to set the  Audiokinetic Launcher to use a directory other than the OS default Download folder as a  temp download cache, but this is not a documented user feature at this time. Please file a bug and I will ask our support team to reply to you directly via email with the details on how to perform this.
This answers my question, I will do that.
Thanks a lot!
I'm having the exact same issue. This is a critical design flaw of the launcher and delivering Strata to customers. Both WinOS 10 and MacOS 10.14 the launcher is caching the files into my system directory eventually running out of disk space and throwing a generic "failed" error.