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How to change Aux Sends per Object by script or rptc?

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Hey guys, im a game developer and i really need to know, how this is possible:

I wanna add and remove reverb effects per object base by the position of my game objects only by scripting. I know there is an API Mehod (SetGameObjectAuxSendValues()), but this is somehow not working for me, because i cannot get the correct theauxBusID for the AkAuxSendValue. What can be wrong there?

Another idea: I would like to know, if can change the game defines auxiliary sends by an rtpc value for each object??

But the problem: If i try to do this by user-defined axuiliary sends, my adjusted RTPCs are not shown in the childs hierarchy like other general settings. Do i really need to set these are RTPCs for each object? User defined auxiliary sends are copied to each child object, if not overwritten, but not the RTPC settings.


I really need some help. Its a bit frustrating for me, because i cannot find anything in the documentation about this - specially sparse supporte for game programmer.

Any ideas?
asked Jan 5 in General Discussion by Eric K. (100 points)

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