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ResourceLoaderImpl Warnings when running Unreal 5.1 commandlets

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We are running a variety of commandlets on UE5.1 using a project based on WWISE 2022.1.1.

Throughout these commandlets we are spammed with the following warning:

 UE_LOG(LogWwiseResourceLoader, Warning, TEXT("No ResourceLoaderImpl"));

This warning is used a lot in the code base, so tracking down which exact one causes it (And also fixing it!) is not a quick task to do. Especially if it involves changing code to handle the warning differently when running commandlets.

Is this warning planned to be fixed on the roadmap? If so, when? If not what is the suggested fix/solution. We don't want any warnings or errors on any of our builds, but also don't want to ignore a warning if it's outputted for a reason.


asked Jan 18, 2023 in General Discussion by Eddie S. (110 points)

1 Answer

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We had exactly the same problem with these lines appearing all over our server and commandlet builds.

You can replace the log lines with

UE_CLOG(!IsRunningDedicatedServer() && !IsRunningCommandlet(), LogWwiseResourceLoader, Verbose, TEXT(....) )

to only display on a client, and further downgrade to Verbose.

I'm not sure how useful this log is in practice or why it needs to be repeated so often.

answered Jan 24, 2023 by Robin F. (210 points)