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Wwise 2022.1.1 installation is hanging forever

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I can't seem to install the latest Wwise version from the Launcher. While it installs it's hanging forever at "Unzipping" by the end of the installation. Installing on Mac OS 12.6.2.

Installation is with SDK and deployment for macOS and Win, but it doesn't matter if I select something else.

It doesn't matter if I select or deselect any plugins as well. I tried with the offline installation, I tried completely reinstalling the wwise launcher. I can modify older versions with no issues, but not latest.
asked Jan 23, 2023 in General Discussion by Simeon H. (150 points)
This sounds like a bug: I suggest you submit a Bug Report using the Audiokinetic Launcher so that the logs can be inspected to find a root cause.

If this is blocking you, you can reach out to Audiokinetic Support ( to get direct help.
i'm having same issue.  I hate installing Wwise. took a few days and dozens of attempts on my other machine too.

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