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Missing Interactive Music Layout

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I'm trying to follow the Wwise 201 lessons and am at the part where it says you can view in 'Interactive Music (F10)' layout. However I don't have this. I have something called 'Audio Object Profiler (F10)' which looks nothing like the screenshots in the lesson.

I've reset the layouts but still not getting anything called 'Interactive Music' show up. Any advice?

asked Jan 24, 2023 in General Discussion by Alex R. (210 points)

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Hello Alex, 

Did you download Wwise 2021.1? Sounds like you downloaded Wwise 2022.1 where that layout is automatically being shown when selecting Music Objects.

Maybe this will help clear things up too

answered Jan 25, 2023 by Mads Maretty S. (2,340 points)
Thanks Mads, this clears things up
Hi, Thanks for that but then, How would we access the layout if we are required to at a later time while using the new version?