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Wwise events not being found

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On a unity project, I created my first event which is a whoosh sound effect that plays when the player swings a sword and this worked perfectly.

Then, I created a second event which is a flame sound effect that should play when the game starts. This does not work and I am met with the error: "Event ID not found" on both Unity and the Wwise profiler.

In my efforts, I tried posting the whoosh event on both scripts and it worked correctly! When the game loads I hear the whoosh, and when I swing the sword I hear a whoosh. I then tried putting the flame event on both and I hear nothing. No sound effect plays when I start the game or swing the sword. I then created new events and added them to the soundbank the same way I added the "whoosh" event and these gave me the same error code.

From all this, I believe my soundbank is loading correctly and my script is correct (I just used the script from Wwise-301 Lesson 4 titled "Assigning and Posting a Wwise-Type Event"), and the whoosh event works perfectly fine, but any new events I create beyond this first one leave me with the same error message and unable to play any sound. I'm stumped and any help would be greatly appreciated.
asked Jan 26 in General Discussion by Josh H. (100 points)

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