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What is the correct path for the Staging directory?

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We seem to be having some strange behaviour since the move to 2022.1.8100

All of our sounds seem to be play ok except for 4 UI sounds. Each of the 4 have the same errors logging on intialization:

  • Failed to open In-Memory Media
  • Failed to load Soundbank 
  • LoadEvent Resource: Could not load 1 prequisites for " ". Unloading and failing.
  • Could not load " " in language " " (0)
  • StagePath not set up

We are assuming this is due to The Staging path being set incorrectly but then why would every other sound be ok?... 

We are also getting the Failed to post warning for each of these sounds, as they are UI sounds they create a lot of spam and are impacting performance. 

Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.


asked Jan 30, 2023 in General Discussion by Jamie M. (160 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Jamie.Did you solve it?I got the same problem when playing PS5 package.
answered Mar 2, 2023 by Zhiyang X. (210 points)
No sadly, it seems like what the actual issue here is that the four sounds are on UI elements and the UI is loading before the init bank is loaded so they are failing. As you can see there is no response to this though so thats just our thinking til someone else responds.
I think i am having such an issue too, i have some functions to play music and dialogue from the game instance. However i get the errors of files not loading and then no audio. However in editor everything works fine. Still trying to get a solution, but essentially sound is now broken in the game.