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AkComponents with bAutoDestroy will not auto destroy if their event has been posted via AkAudioEvent::PostOnComponent

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We have noticed within Wwise 2022.1.1, it seems, that when calling UAkAudioEvent::PostOnComponent, UAkComponent::bStarted does not get set to true. This means within UAkComponent::TickComponent the conditions for calling DestroyComponent() will never be met.


    if (!HasActiveEvents() && bAutoDestroy && bStarted)


This can result in a lot of components persisting when they shouldn't, which eventually leads to a large ticking overhead.

It's possible to modify  UAkAudioEvent::PostOnGameObject to set started to true, as follows.

    const AkPlayingID PlayingID = PostOnGameObjectID(GameObjectID, Delegate, Callback, Cookie, CallbackMask, LatentAction, AudioContext);
    if (PlayingID != AK_INVALID_PLAYING_ID)
    return PlayingID;


Is this a known issue?


asked Jan 31, 2023 in General Discussion by Robin F. (210 points)
edited Feb 1, 2023 by Robin F.

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