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Stuck trying to integrate the SDK in Xcode

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I've been following the basic integration documentation as well as Guy Somberg's Game Audio Programming books to try and integrate the Sound engine in Xcode 14 to post some basic events. 

I've included the /lib and /include folders in my Xcode project's header search paths as well as dependencies/frameworks. No errors with the #include preprocessor commands, but as soon as I create an instance of a class contained in the AK namespace (e.g: AK::SoundEngine::RegisterGameObj), I get an error - Undefined symbol: AK::SoundEngine::RegisterGameObj(unsigned long long).

I understand this is quite basic but any advise would be appreciated. Here are some screenshots to show how I've done the includes.!AtQjCLbBoYxCgbdTBGvgBN-kT_-GNg?e=cDiDv5!AtQjCLbBoYxCgbdUP2xmE9KyaiDHdA?e=XmRGAf!AtQjCLbBoYxCgbdVKtqdzzJwupLgDw?e=jZ7SW5


asked Feb 24, 2023 in General Discussion by Anantha G. (200 points)

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To link with the libraries, you need to specify which libraries to link: in your 2nd screenshot you added directories in the Framework/Libraries section, but it expects actual library and framework files.

You can see how the IntegrationDemo.xcodeproj is set up (found under SDK/samples/IntegrationDemo/Mac). Notably, in the Build Settings section of the project:

* The include directories need to go under "Header Search Paths"
* The library path need to go under "Library Search Paths"

You can refer to the frameworks listed in the "Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content" to know which are required, since parts of the Sound Engine rely on them. See Build Configuration SDK documentation page for an up-to-date list of dependencies.

answered Feb 24, 2023 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (23,160 points)
Thanks so much Samuel, I'm not hitting the errors anymore for the AK:: class instances. :D
However, I'm now seeing an undefined symbol error when creating an instance of CAkDefaultIOHookBlocking.
Is there anything different to be done to include this ? I can see that the file is in /samples/SoundEngine/POSIX which is part of my include paths
Those are samples which are not built into the regular Sound Engine libraries: the implementation files (.cpp) should be added to the source to be compiled in your project.
Thanks so much!