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How to set a RTPC in Unity without using a Built-in Parameter

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Hello everyone,
I run a project under Wwise 2021.1.12.7973.2529 and Unity. I am not a coder, but I understand things : )

Since days, I try to set a RTPC on a game object. In Unity, a first, this game object is rotating  but, it could also be rotate by a controler ( i.e. XR controler or whatever... ).
In Wwise, each RTPC, I using three actually, runs or, looks and sounds as running as well. These RTPCs are used like filter on sound ( i.e. Low pass / pitch etc... ) and one them
is set to selects sounds in a blend container. It runs in Wwise.
I watched lot of videos, I learn about the small script " SetRTPCValue.... " but I didn't get results in unity.
I already try to use some Built-in Parameter... it's ok in Unity, I got some sounds but that I expected.

I am sorry, I am lost, Do someone have a clue, a simple C# script to set / call the RTPC,... these RTPCs in Unity ?

Here you are, a sample of a script tried:


public class SIMPLERTPC : MonoBehaviour
public void OnStart()
        AkSoundEngine.SetRTPCValue("RTPC_test_selectorRotate_Xaxe", GameObject);




I wrong somewhere?

In advance, thank you for those will answer me, I hope.  : )



asked Feb 25 in General Discussion by éliane b. (200 points)
Hello everyone!

... mhhh, ok. This is a Work in Progress! I am learning Wwise since 1 year...
I found an issue to and about that " problem " but ... I got a new problem in Unity with the " unities " from the Y axe we use to set our RTPC.

- 1st: this is not really obvious to understand that  "you expect use" a Game Parameter like a RTPC as well without a Built-in Parameter you have to manage it inside your Wwise Projetc, for sure!
- At least, don't forget to SET your RTPC as a GameParameter inside your Event's Editor!
- Set it with the type of "SCOPE"  and the "Absolute / Relative " option on the right side of the Editor

With my partner in crime we have tested and tested and in recent days. She has increased the C# Script as well and is running!
You must, of course, create a "variable" as a "float" function in C# to catch the value we want to use to trig our RTPC!
Watch out Cujo Sound, Michael Sweet, LampEyes etc...  ( thank you to them ) on their YouTube channels to teach that way!

But... then, go back in my " problem " ...
Our C# Script runs, but the " float " function send back from Unity to Wwise some values in micro-dregrees not in degrees...
If you remember we use a object in rotation on is own Y axe

We got i.e.   "   0.06748939  "   not    " 5,45 ° "

Some of you have a clue about why Unity sent us back this kind of unities values and not some in "degrees"?



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