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What to do about errors shown in profiler during lesson 1 of Wwise 251 course?

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I am on page 54 of the Wwise 251 course where I connect to the WAG unity project, then check the profiler.

The profiler is showing a list of errors, some yellow and many red:

In yellow:

"Some errors occured pre-connection"

In red:

"Error - Plug-in not found:Wwise Stereo Delay"

"Error - Plug-in not found:Wwise Tremolo"


How do I fix this?


I am using the Wwise, WAG and Unity versions used in the 251 documentation:

Wwise version: 2019.1.4

WAG version: 2019.1.11

Unity version: 2018.4.32f1
asked Mar 1 in General Discussion by Craig V. (100 points)

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