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Pro license fees for Windows, Linux, Mac OS

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When I'm purchasing the pro license, do I need to pay separately for each of Windows, Linux, Mac OS or are they counted as one platform?
asked Mar 1 in General Discussion by Navid N. (140 points)

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Windows, OSX and Linux are all considered separate platforms BUT it's always a good idea to contact your Audiokinetic sales representative (through the button names as such on your project page) if you have a project registered with us already or reach out to us at

The PRO tier has a low threshold of 250k and a high threshold of 2M so the gap is quite wide and we understand that a project with a 250k USD total budget is not the same as one with a budget closer to 2M.

Your project might not fit directly in our list pricing so it's always best to reach out to us to get a better idea of price or a quote prepared for your project specifically.

For more information on what each 'platform' covers you can refer to this page :
answered Mar 10 by Maximilien S. (2,840 points)
selected Mar 10 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic)
Thank you very much!