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Loosing all audio when exporting soundbanks for Limbo

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Hi all

I am using the limbo sample for my university course. I have a full game key.

I have just jumped on too do some more work for this. Upon launching the game I have no audio from my Wwise session in there. I have tested the default version which works fine.

I have also tried moving across each part of the session in sections. EG each part of the PlayGame folder separately and the resources folder. I narrowed the issue down to the banks. If i Generate my banks in Wwise and then replace them with the default banks from the Data/Audio/Pc folder I have the default audio for the game agian. I have not changed anything in Wwise to effect the banks and I even tried doing it one bank at a time to no success.

I am stuck and I have less than 2 months to submit this at this point as well as Having completed over 1/3rd of the games audio in the session.

Can anyone advise? It seems like some form of reading issue from the game. If i use the profiled it says "EventIDNotFound".

Thanks in advance...


I am also using 2021.1.11.7933 - I started this a while ago. I also do not like not being able to listen to old sounds on the newer versions


Windows 11 (I have had this project working for over a year until this point)
asked Mar 16, 2023 in General Discussion by Ben W. (100 points)

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