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audio channel routing for alternative outputs

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Whether I missing something painfully obvious or can I really not change the output of an audio device from default to anything else on Mac?

I'm using a UAD Apollo Twin interface with virtual channels in the Console app for both 'System' and 'DAW' sounds. I've never had any issues routing signals to these virtual channels (or physical ones for that matter) in any DAWs, but in Wwise I can't seem to be able to route anything anywhere. If I select 'Use Audio Device' from the main mix channel config menu, it detects all my 10 outputs, but there is no option for selecting a specific one for my master bus.


Help me please, before I go mad!


Btw, I'm using version 2022.1.1.8100 in macOS Ventura 13.2
asked Mar 17, 2023 in General Discussion by Laszlo T. (100 points)

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