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Set soundbank path when integrating Wwise SDK [closed]

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Apologies this is a repost of my recent question, but I'm still stuck with this and would massively appreciate any pointers as to what I'm doing wrong.

 I've been trying to integrate the sound engine in a test Xcode project. The Sound Engine, Stream/Memory Manager and the CAkDefaultIOHookBlocking all initialise without any asserts. However I hit a run time error 'AK Error: File Init.bnk not found in path(s): ../SDKTest/GeneratedSoundBanks/Mac/Init.bnk; AK Error: Bank Load Failed Name: 1355168291AK Error: File SFX.bnk not found in path(s): ../SDKTest/GeneratedSoundBanks/Mac/SFX.bnk;'

I've tried both absolute and relative paths to set my base path - Xcode and Wwise projects are both on my desktop. I've tried to follow the Wwise integration demo as well.

It would appreciate any pointers towards what I might be doing wrong here.

Screenshot of my error :!AtQjCLbBoYxCgbdWu52zoXVexuDULA?e=Bvztkr

Thanks :)

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asked Mar 17 in General Discussion by Anantha G. (200 points)
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