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How to specify complex events in Tab delimited import

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Hi, I have been working with a huge sound database and need to do a bulk import that will also create events for each sound.

Using the tab delimited import I managed to import all my audio files into wwise, give them the proper type and order them under the right hierarchy.

What I am struggling with is event creation. I have no issue creating Play / Stop events, but I want to create SetVoicePitch and SetVoiceVolume also however no matter the syntax I use it is rejected and creates a placeholder Play event instead.

For reference here is how I setup my tab delimited file:

Audio File Object Path Object Type Event Event Event Event
AbsolutePath\File1.wav Actor-Mixer Hierarchy\SFX\File1 Sound SFX \Events\FX\Play_File1@Play \Events\FX\Stop_File1@Stop \Events\FX\Set_Voice_Volume_File1@SetVoiceVolume \Events\FX\Set_Voice_Pitch_File1@SetVoicePitch
AbsolutePath\File2.wav Actor-Mixer Hierarchy\Voice\File2 Sound Voice \Events\Voice\Play_File2@Play \Events\Voice\Stop_File2@Stop \Events\Voice\Set_Voice_Volume_File2@SetVoiceVolume \Events\Voice\Set_Voice_Pitch_File2@SetVoicePitch


Regarding the last two events I tried with @SetVoiceVolume @SetVoicePitch and @Voice\SetVoiceVolume @Voice\SetVoicePitch to no avail. I know the Action type IDs are 12 and 13 from looking into the .wwu file but the tab delimited import does not seem to take direct Action type IDs into account either (tried with @12 and @13 to no avail either).

Any idea as to how I can create those missing events using my tab delimited file? 

asked Apr 1, 2023 in General Discussion by Remi P. (100 points)

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