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In-game RTPC change behaves different from Wwise (UE5) [closed]

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I have RTPC values for 3 buses' volumes - Master, SFX, Music
When testing in-game (UE5) RTPCs have the following effects

  • Master Bus Volume - works just fine
    • SFX volume - duplicates Master even though some sound effects are clearly assigned to Music bus
    • Music - has no impact on game sounds whatsoever

However, when I test sounds from Wwise by manually changing the RTPC value when music is playing - all works as it should.
Wwise plugin code always returns success, so there is not much info from its side.

What are my other debugging options?
Any suggestions on the root cause?


closed with the note: The issue had no repro after a while
asked Apr 11, 2023 in General Discussion by Dmytro F. (100 points)
closed May 4, 2023 by Dmytro F.