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Certain files are inaudible after applying vorbis compression

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Certain (NOT all) files are inaudible after applying vorbis compression.

(NOTE: This is not a matter of me forgetting to toggle "original sound," versus a "compressed audio," in the transport. Original sound, I can hear everything, compressed sound I hear every single thing EXCEPT for the files described below.)

I'm doing this all through sharesets. When I see all the files listed, initially they are blue, until I apply the compression, then they turn white (as normal). Every single one of these file names is white. None of them is over 256 characters in length (<<I'm only mentioning that because I thought perhaps longer file names were being ignored by the system, after compression).

This is the second time (of about 10 large playlists I've compressed, thus far) I've noticed this, and it has me deeply concerned, as I have numerous tracks... some of which are subtle and if they are randomly disappearing and not being incorporated, it's a potential disaster. In this case, it's several electric bass guitar files (randomizing sub tracks), so it's obvious that they are missing. Or should I say it, inaudible.

I've cleared the audio file cash and recompressed, and the problem doesn't go away. There are other instances where I have electric bass, for (as an example) another version of the song's "A section," and they are not encountering this problem. None of the settings appear to be different on those particular bass tracks.

Anyone else encounter this problem? I've searched the web for MANY HOURS, with various search terms... and found literally nothing on this.

Any help advice is appreciated though. I'm at a loss. (<I'm sure there's a pun in there somewhere, lol.)

Wwise 2022.1.2.8150


asked Apr 15, 2023 in General Discussion by Dale T. (130 points)

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