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In game audio becomes distorted when changing from Realtek to THX spatial audio - what is wrong?

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Using Razer Headphones: Models: Blackshark V2/ Kraken V3 Hypersense/ Kraken BT
Razer software for EQ: Synapse 3.8.428.42117


1. Have 2 output methods ( Realtek and THX spatial audio )
2. Have headphones connected.
3. During the gameplay change sound output methods between them.



  • when changing to THX spatial audio the entire sound/ audio becomes distorted, continuous buzzing

Expected result:

  • when changing output methods the entire audio should remain the same regardless of output method

    what is wrong here? 
    We are not using wwise object base audio flow / 3d / binaural currently

asked Apr 28, 2023 in General Discussion by Arild (100 points)

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