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About the log output "LogAkAudio: No spatial Audio Room ..."

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I'm using Wwise 2022.1.4 on UE5.1

I am using an API called UAkAudioEvent::PostAtLocation for the sounding of character footsteps, but every time I run it, I get the following log

"LogAkAudio: No Spatial Audio Room while PostOnLocation AkAudioEvent 'Ak_SE_***' (ObjId: ***)"

Is there a problem or danger with this output?

Is this a condition that should be avoided, and is there a workaround or remedy?

Please let me know if there is anything I should check.

Thank you in advance.
asked Jun 20, 2023 in General Discussion by Yosuke U. (110 points)
This is also an issue for us. For us, it is not a useful log, because its just saying that this sound is being spawned outside a spatial audio volume -- which will happen any time our team has not yet done an audio pass on a level. It would be nice if there is a simple way to suppress it. Going to look into it...

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I also encountered the same problem. Although it is only Log, it doesn’t feel good to have the output log repeatedly washed by these messages.
answered Jul 14, 2023 by Chenzhong H. (150 points)