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关于Wwise 2019.2.14内存泄露的问题(Problems with Wwise 2019.2.14 memory leaks)

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我目前用的Wwise版本是2019.2.14,我在测试的过程中发现存在内存泄露的情况,对于Wwise中小于约2MB的Bank,在卸载之后,Reserved Memory却没有下降对应Bank的大小。(实际上,在我参与过的好几个不同Wwise版本的项目,都存在这种情况)

对于这个问题,我想问一下,这是Wwise官方在Wwise中底层设置了一个内存缓存机制吗?对于Bank而言,限定某一个大小的阈值,来保留某一些Bank在Reserved Memory中存在?但是在我所接触到的很多项目中,少于这个阈值(2MB)的Bank数量是很常见的,许多游戏会把Bank大小尽可能解耦、压缩,这就导致了内存泄露出现地很频繁。







The Wwise version I am currently using is September 14th, 2019. During testing, I found a memory leak. For banks with Wwise size smaller than approximately 2MB, after uninstalling, the Reserved Memory did not decrease the corresponding bank size. (In fact, this situation exists in several different versions of Wwise projects that I have participated in.)

For this question, I would like to ask, is this a memory caching mechanism that Wwise has officially set up at the bottom level in Wwise? For banks, setting a threshold of a certain size to preserve the presence of certain banks in Reserved Memory? However, in many projects I have been exposed to, it is common for the number of banks to be less than this threshold (2MB). Many games try to decouple and compress the bank size as much as possible, which leads to frequent memory leaks.

So, I would like to ask, what can be done to curb this issue?

1.Does it slow down by manually changing the cache threshold in the code? This seems to only be able to slow down and cannot completely solve the problem.

2.Can you tell me which versions currently do not have the situation I mentioned? When I am searching for different versions of documents, there is very little explanation on this point.

3. Or can we only achieve the cache threshold set by Wwise by merging smaller banks?

Thank you very much for reading and looking forward to your reply!
asked Jun 21, 2023 in General Discussion by Zane (100 points)

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