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Failed to post AkAudioEvent (Wwise 2022 to UE4.27/UE5 Integration)

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to connect Wwise 2022.1.5.8242 (the latest at the moment) to Unreal Engine 4.27 on a Mac (Ventura 13.4).

It's important to mention that I've also tried to solve the below-described problem with different software versions:

  • Wwise 2022.1.5.8242 with UE 5.0.3
  • Wwise 2022.1.2.8150 with UE 5.0.3 & UE 4.27
  • Wwise 2021 (don't remember the exact version) with UE 4.27

I matched the Root Output Path in Wwise and Unreal's Generated Sound Bank folder to the "GeneratedSoundBank" Wwise project folder. The Wwise project file is correctly set up in UE too. The Wwise Browser/Picker successfully generates soundbanks in UE however, if I'm trying to drag one of those events in the content browser I receive the following message in the Output Log:

LogWwiseResourceCooker: Warning: GetEventCookedData (1A05B9FC949449DFADC9DEA4258C2DB2 4258653052 Test_Event): No ref found

Cmd: OBJ SAVEPACKAGE PACKAGE="/Game/WwiseAudio/Test_Event" FILE="../../../../../../../Users/user/Documents/Unreal Projects/UE4_Test/Content/WwiseAudio/Test_Event.uasset" SILENT=true


Subsequently, if I try to "Play" the event I receive the following message:

LogAkAudio: Warning: Failed to post AkAudioEvent: Data for 'Test_Event' wasn't found. Make sure the GeneratedSoundBanks folder (/Users/user/Documents/Unreal Projects/UE4_Test/UE4_Test_WwiseProject/GeneratedSoundBanks/) exists and is properly set in the project settings.


In "GeneratedSoundBanks" I have Mac and Windows subfolders and Projectinfo.json and Projectinfo.xml files. 

If the UE project is saved after generating banks, the second time you try to open it will freeze at 71-73% per cent. I found that if you delete the "GenerateSoundBanks" folder in the Wwise path, the project can be loaded again.

In Wwise I tried to enable Auto-Defined Soundbanks in Wwise, as well as using auto-connection through WAAPI in UE but it didn't help. I also tried to integrate Wwise as an Engine Plugin (Wwise 2022.1.2.8150) rather than a Game Plugin.

If anyone has faced a similar problem or knows how to solve it please let me know!


asked Jun 27, 2023 in General Discussion by Stefans M. (100 points)

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