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Audio-reactive objects with Wwise and Unity: Bypass 3D-Attenuation Settings

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I have been using the guide in this link to get some 3D-objects in unity to react according to the amplitude of the output of the master bus in Wwise:

The guide shows you how to do two different things, and I have focused on the part where you get objects to shrink and grow (scaling) in proportion to the output amplitude of an Audio Bus. What I want is the bus to control an RTPC in Wwise that scales objects in Unity, regardless of how far the listener is from the emitter in the 3D scene. I still want the output of the sound to use the attenuation curves, but I want the RTPC assigned to the bus via the effect "Meter" to bypass the attenuation curves and settings.

Anybody know how to do this?

asked Aug 25, 2023 in General Discussion by Ludvig B. (100 points)

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