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Android device CPU performance problem

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Hello everyone! I've encountered a problem where CPU total usage fluctuates significantly on Android devices (I've tested it on both older and newer, more powerful devices), while on iOS devices (tested on both older and newer ones) and Windows, all the metrics are within normal range. I'd like to mention that in terms of optimizations, everything seems to be set up correctly, with the 'render' option selected for effects, primarily using the 'ADPCM' conversion format, and 'Vorbis' for 2D environment sounds. Additionally, I've optimized everything based on voice limits and priorities. I'm working with the Wwise(2021.1.10.7883)+Unity(2021.3.13f1) combination. What could be causing such high CPU usage on Android?android cpu profilerIphone8 cpu profilermax voice instance

asked Sep 4, 2023 in General Discussion by Azat B. (140 points)

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