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Effect Plugin 2021.1.12.7973 PS5 platform project not building

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I am writing an effect plugin, which successfully builds to windows and authoring.
However after I have premaked the solution for PS5 and XboxSeriesX it flags error MSB8020 "build tools for v142  cannot be found".
The toolset is definitely installed as other projects dont have this problem.
Similarly to this question , premake console shows that it is running action for 2017 but also for 2019 and 2022. I am using the v160 (VS2019) project, the same as for Authoring and Windows.
Retargeting the project is not available in Visual Studio so at a bit of a loss what to do.

As an aside, I notice that the build target for Xbox is a dll and a lib, the same as the windows build. Is it necessary to build specifically for Xbox or can i simply copy the windows build to the Xbox directory before packaging?
asked Sep 8, 2023 in General Discussion by Jake B. (190 points)
edited Sep 11, 2023 by Jake B.
Hello! Have you found an answer to your problem? We're currently stuck on the exact same problem. The other post you pointed at doesn't fix it either.

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