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[UE5.1] Why is Wwise Plugin consumes 11MB memory when nothing is actually loaded?

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I've created a empty demo by Unreal Engine, integrated Wwise plugin through Audiokinetic Launcher, the wwise project was also created by default.
Then just connect Profiler to this UE demo, and captured that it already took up about 11MB in memory!

Is it resulted by memory fragmentation?
Is there a way to figure it out? I'm trying to reduce the memory consumption.

Thanks for your help, it really troubles me.

Performance Monitor:
Name    Value    Average
Total Media (Memory)    0 Bytes    -
Total Reserved Memory    11.6 MB    -
Total Used Memory    3.7 MB    -

Unreal 5.1.1
Wwise 2021.1.13.8036
asked Sep 22, 2023 in General Discussion by 05 (500 points)

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