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How can you easily spot-check a loop?

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Using a music playlist's loop function (set to infinite), I would like to quickly check if the loop is working correctly.

It seems that the playback marker is only movable when the music segment is selected in Project Explorer, not the music playlist, and thus the loop can't be tested without going through the whole track's length.

Is it possible to begin playback towards the end of the track and easily test a loop?
asked Mar 26, 2015 in General Discussion by Antoine V. (170 points)
Any solution to this by chance? I'm having the same issue. Went through everything you described here as well. No way to loop a track unless playback starts from the Container level. Yet no way to "seek" on a Container.

3 Answers

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You could potentially change the clip to start at an later part of the clip, like go to the source editor and choose where it starts. You can do that by clicking the wave symbol next to the sound in the contents editor. Or you can do it, like I do, and test the sound prior to even putting it into Wwise. For example using audacity or audition to make sure the audio is good on looping. The later I find much more useful because, if there is a hick up you can easily find a way to fix it, instead of re-importing to Wwise.
answered Mar 27, 2015 by Robert M. (4,630 points)
Hi Robert,

Thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately, setting the clip to start at a later part in the source editor doesn't work. The clip still begins at the beginning when the playlist is selected in the Project Explorer (which seems to be the only way to test the loop).

I do test the loop in another audio editor, however this defeats the purpose of testing how Wwise reacts to the transitions, pre-entry and post-exit settings I've set.
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Antoine - to test this, you may be able to create a temporary event with a seek action after the play action in order to jump to the end of the music segment and test the loop.  Sound like a plan?
answered Apr 1, 2015 by Mike D. (Audiokinetic) (3,020 points)
Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work either. It seems that a Playlist cannot be set to the Seek action, only the Music Segment can. I have tried two events, both setting the Seek to 90%:

-1.Play->Playlist, 2.Seek->Music Segment. Here, the Seek doesn't work, the track starts at the beginning.

-1.Play->Music Segment, 2.Seek->Music Segment. Here, the Seek works correctly, but the track does not loop because the event isn't called at the playlist level (where the loop takes place).
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What I do is fast-forwarding with the speed control in the playlist property editor.

I was looking for a way to do this easier too, but it seems there's not.
answered Jun 19, 2017 by Toni Leys (150 points)