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Only left-right difference audible for music tracks. [closed]

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Suddenly, after updating to Wwise 2022.1.8, in the Wwise Editor, all the music tracks play with all the Middle / Sum removed, such that you only hear the Side / Difference channels usually containing mostly reverb. The originals are stereo .wav files and until this now, and also in the Game after building a soundback in the previous version, play just fine. Now in 2022.1.8 all the other sound effects play normally, but the music tracks are changed. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix that? I am really at a loss.

  • It is independent of whether I use an USB Audio Interface or the built-in one of my laptop
  • Restarting Wwise and the whole computer has no effect

I'd greatly appreciate any help! Thank you :)

closed with the note: The issue turned out to be related to other parts of the specific Wwise project, into which I am not involved.
asked Nov 7, 2023 in General Discussion by Michael H. (120 points)
closed Nov 8, 2023 by Michael H.