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Unable to Bypass/Un-Bypass ENRAGE plugin in FX list

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Unable to Bypass/Un-Bypass ENRAGE plugin in FX list

I opened a SubProject (Fuel.rpp) in Explosions.rpp and tried to change the Enrage parameters inserted in the FX list of one of the tracks.
It was bypassed by default, so I tried to unBypass it, but for some reason I could not unBypass it.
I also tried to Byapass it, which was not Bypassed by default, and could not Byapass it as well.

However, if I copy the plugin to another track, both Bypass and unBypass work fine...

It is quite inconvenient.

I made a simple video.
Please let me know if there is something I have missed or mistakenly set up.
asked Nov 21, 2023 in ENRAGE and ENRAGE Licensing by Tomoyuki I. (130 points)

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The plugins have automation that toggles the Bypass/Enable State of the plugins, with the various plugins being enabled during different regions on the time line. I see in your video you are fighting against the automation.

I have made a quick video that illustrates, viewing and toggling the automation for the Bypass/Enable.

Plugin Automation - Toggle bypass the video has subtitles, which may make it clearer.

I will make a better video and post it on the official Strata Youtube channel a little later. Thank you for your question Tomoyuki and let me know if I can provide further clarification, if you have suggestions of how Strata could be more effective for you please let us know.

The thinking behind automating the plugins for different regions, (points on the time line), is for efficiency for editing and CPU, when one setting of a plugin is not appropriate for every sound in a particular track, and having more tracks would probably not be optimal as the sounds have a lot in common. in the case of the Fuel .rpp for example,  the Plugins are enabled for Small, Medium and Large sets of regions.


answered Nov 24, 2023 by Simon P. (660 points)
selected Nov 27, 2023 by Devon M. (Audiokinetic)