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Source Editor - add a 'seek' or 'render' option

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I would like to be able to use portions of a given audio file in various sounds, as a way to increase variety but still keep the memory footprint down.  For example - if I have one 'poof' sound that I'm using,  I'd like to be able to sometimes use the entire 'poof' sound in a blend container or whatever, and sometimes use just the 'p' or just the 'oof' as parts of other sounds without changing the overall memory footprint.  Although you alter the wav form in the source editor, it seems to create a copy of the asset, instead of adding a seek time or other information, which means there is no memory savings to working in this way.

I know this can be done in the music system.  Can that same functionality be added to the source editor so that it can be used within the sfx hierarchy?  A 'seek' or 'render' check box perhaps?


Jaclyn Shumate
asked Mar 30, 2015 in General Discussion by Jaclyn S. (120 points)

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