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Bug: Wwise Compressor only compresses left channel of a stereo asset when Bus configuration is set to Audio Objects

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Happens in both:

Wwise 2022.1.8

Wwise 2022.1.9


- create a bus right under the Master Audio Bus

- set the Bus configuration of the new bus to Audio Objects

- add a Wwise compressor (effect plugin) in the new Bus

- route a stereo asset into the new Bus

- move the threshold of the compressor until you hear the effect



Only the left channel is being compressed, while the right channel plays at full volume, uncompressed.



Both channels left and right should get compressed


Note: This happens also with other multichannel asset types. Compression is only applied to one channel of any asset type.
asked Dec 7, 2023 in General Discussion by Christian S. (570 points)
edited Dec 7, 2023 by Christian S.

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