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Error: Override project SoundBank & porject external source

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In lesson 2 I had problems generating the soundbanks. Reading many posts here I have been able to rescue it (I have the sounds in cube), but I don't quite understand what happened. The soundbanks have to be saved in the root folder of the game. I probably generated the problem myself by saving the course audios on an external disk and at the same time the Wwise project was also there and not at the root folder from Cube... I mean, in lesson 1 everything went well and the structure was the same, I haven't changed anything. THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING IS THAT FOR THE LESSON I HAVE TO MIGRATE THE PROJECT FOR THE NEW WWISE VERSION, THAT´S MEABY THE PROBLEM?
When generating the soundbank I received the following errors:

Override Porject External Source output paths: False.

Override project Soundbank settings: False.

Override project SoundBank paths: False.

Use Source Control for Generated Files: False.

Root output paths: H(external drive):\Wwise_projects\cube_source\src\ --This last message is not an error but it does not appear in the lesson 2 tutorial either. As I say, I created this folder on an external drive to save There are the projects and having an order, it's the only thing I did different from the tutorial.

Without fully understanding 100% why this happened, I managed to get only the error: Use Source Control for Generated Files:False.

Maybe someone can help me understand it and correct the error for the future, thank you & Regards!.
asked Dec 11, 2023 in General Discussion by sergio g. (100 points)
edited Dec 12, 2023 by sergio g.
Time    ID    Message    Platform    Parameters
Message    10:27:54    OverrideProjectExternalSourcesOutputPaths    Override project External Sources output paths: False    
Message    10:27:54    OverrideProjectSoundBankSettings    Override project SoundBank settings: True    
Message    10:27:54    OverrideProjectSoundBankPaths    Override project SoundBank paths: True    
Message    10:27:54    UseSourceControlGeneratedFiles    Use Source Control for Generated Files: False    
same problem here..... can't create the soundbank properly. No problem for lesson 1, but now Cube has no sound...
I get the same messages. I've noticed that the files was generated to another path (HD/users/). It seems like wwise can't get the correct path on my mac, the path that says on the lesson 1 and I manually put on Soundbanks Settings. When I come back to this windows no path appear. I manually move the generated files to the correct path and now my gem sound work on Cube.

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This behavior has been identified as a new bug in Wwise 2023.1: we are working towards a fix: look for ticket number WG-69622 in Release Notes.

Note that this bug does not affect earlier version of Wwise (2022.1 and below).
answered Mar 7 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (23,300 points)
I apologize, this was mistakenly posted. I will delete it.