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Hey this is a friendly comment after starting the course today. A lot of options are not shown like the tutorial says and I can´t hear any sound playing the Ice Blast. I already follow the steps and everything is perfectly fine, the events are connected to the soundbank and everything is generated properly, but apparently it doesnt sound into the game.

I´m using MAC OS Monterrey on a M1 Pro Macbook Pro, and I´m using WWISE 2023.1.0

It´s a little bit confusing and weird that sometimes when I save, close Wwise and try again something, suddenly it works, but not this time with the sound inside Cube.

Please, I´d like to learn the app but there isn´t a "common errors" or something like that to check
asked Jan 4 in General Discussion by Sergio B. (100 points)
I have the same problem. All seems to be ok but when I play the game it does not sound... I can't find the soundbank file anywhere but it seems to be generated...

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