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How to monitor Dolby Atmos Home Theater with Wwise Authoring

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So far it hasn't worked. We tested that at a pro mixing stage that uses the Dolby CP850 inteface for Atmos. We connected the HDMI output from our PC to the CP850, and enabled Dolby Atmos Home Theater in the PCs sound settings. Wwise authoring showed instantly 20 available System Audio Objects and 7.1.4 Main Mix. Playing back sounds from Actor-Mixer Hierarchy showed those made use of the available Objects. However the CP850 didn't recognize any of that - and nothing, literally silence - arrived at the studio setup. We tried other Atmos contend from Dolby Access app, and that worked fine with the same PC and the same connection to the CP850.

In principle a consumer soundbar labeled with Dolby Atmos should be enough to get a Home Theater signal out of a PC that runs Wwise. That's at least what my logic tells me. Has anyone been able to make this work somehow?

Dolby Atmos for Headphones works, but how does Atmos Home Theater work with Wwise on Windows PC?
asked Jan 23 in General Discussion by Christian S. (530 points)

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