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Possibility to use Obstruction, Occlusion, Diffraction values from one object onto another

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Hi all,

I am working on a project that requires the same sound to be spawn at 2 locations, its origin and somewhere else in-game with a second listener for a different audio output device default listener.

So now there will be 2 objects when the sound is played. One at the origin will have the correct properties for its parameters. However, the other one won't.

I would love to use the built-in parameters such as Distance, Obstruction, Occlusion, and Diffraction from the object at the origin and put them onto the other object.

Is it possible?

If not, is there a workaround?

I am on Unreal 5.3 and Wwise 2022.1.8

I can't think of any solution as of now.

asked Jan 23 in General Discussion by SNAPtz (250 points)
edited Jan 23 by SNAPtz

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